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Uncle Lovecraft's Fun Time Murder Hole

Play mini-golf with humans as you toss around unwitting souls into the bowels of hell! · By IGAD Breda University of Applied Science


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Uncle Lovecraft's Fun Time Murder Hole now available on MacOS!
Cultists! The Dark Lord's ever insatiable hunger knows no bounds and the corruption has spread to another platform. You can now sacrifice the denizens of Haven...
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Patch 0.2.1 - Going Public
Cultists, we've finally reached the point where we release our game to everyone and make the page public. While some of you might have noticed we did in fact be...
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Patch 0.1.7 - Floppy Tentacles
Cultists, this update is our final build for our university submission. This does not mark the end of our development on the project, but this is where we say w...
Patch 0.1.6 - Optimized Chaos
Cultists, we have a new mid-week update for you today. Given the state of the last build, we felt like we needed to push ourselves to provide you with something...
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Patch 0.1.5 - The Hellfire Update
Brace yourselves, cultists, the Hellfire update is upon us. As mentioned in the last patch notes, we've been reworking much of the core gameplay for the past tw...
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Patch 0.1.4
Cultists, we've got another update for you. Your feedback has made us re-evaluate much of our game and we're currently reworking some of our core gameplay. In t...
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Patch 0.1.3b - Hotfix
Cultists, a hotfix is now live to fix some issues with the last patch. Read below for the changes: What's New: Nothing. Absolutely nothing! General Changes: En...
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Patch 0.1.3 - The Official Itch Refinery Release
Cultists, a new weekly patch has been released, as promised! A few issues kept us from updating on Thursday, but they've been ironed out and our official Itch R...
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