Update 1.1.0 - Here it all comes together

Hello Detectives,

The vibe over at the bureau has been energetic since launch. We have read through your reports, watched case videos and your feedback has given us observations that have lead to new insights. The core of the game has been well received and the purpose of this big update is to bring that core more to the forefront and make it shine. But new perspectives, like how different narrators can make you look differently at a case, can lead to changes. Below is a list of the big ones. 

Graphically the game has gotten another wash of attention and detail. Specially the lighting and set dressing has been pushed. But as is the case with art, it's better to show than tell. So below you will find two comparison gifs. (On the right you have the old look, and on the left the new) The screenshots on the itch page have also been updated to reflect the new look of the game.

Gameplay wise we have changed two things. We won't go into detail, but a puzzle that used to distract people from the case and fun of being a detective has been changed, and we have brought the joy of exploring another time more to the forefront. Beyond that we have made a lot of little changes to the experience of navigating the notebook, and minor touches to the world. 

Finally we have worked through a long list of minor bugs and annoyances to streamline your experience.

Overall, we believe we have held onto the core that players were enjoying, and that the changes made will bring that core more to the forefront. Resulting in a better experience. 

Once again, thanks to all of you who have downloaded, played, commented, shared your experience through YouTube or reviews for doing so. Sharing your insights has given us different perspectives that helped us forward. We are privileged to have had the chance to share our game with you all.

Thanks for joining us on this journey, beyond this point we will update minor things and tackle some bugs, but this is the end of the development line. We are proud to present you with what we believe is the closest version of our vision we could have achieved in the time given to us. 

The development team.


NotebookDetective_V1.1.1_x64.zip 768 MB
Jun 26, 2019
NotebookDetective_V1.1.1_x32.zip 746 MB
Jun 26, 2019

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