General update to version 0.5

Good day lumberer!

We have made some changes and updates for an improved bro-operative experience!

  • Throughout the level, rocks are added to prevent (accidental) falls into the abyss.
  • It seems that the animals have been redecorating the mountain.
  • The HUB Level has been completely revamped to showcase the theme of your travels.
  • Penguins can now use toilets.
  • During all of your playthroughs, the Lumberjacks discovered more objects to throw around.
  • The Lumberjack Association has ordered to always play some sweet tunes throughout the world.
  • After a week of training, the Lumberjacks can now use more complex animated moves.
  • The scary animals have been reworked to properly harm you and some of them wear things they found.
  • There has been talks of two new levels coming in soon… I can’t say much about it, just beware of the rabbit, please.


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Jun 20, 2019

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